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Maths – Addition


We started concept of Math in June 2012, it was a breeze to teach as he understood and completed all the assessment books and online printable without much assistance. ( yes, those big, small, less, more ) After that, we were stuck at the “introduction” for simple addition. I tried using assessment books I got from popular but it didn’t really work for him, he just counted everything and wrote the answer at the column. I kept the book away thinking the best time to start using using it is when he grasps the concept of addition. He has no problem counting, or rather, I am the one who don’t know how to teach.

Thanks Mommy Jaclyn who shared her method of teaching addition at FB. I used the same method and told Asher to complete the worksheets. He managed! I was thrilled of course.

On the next day, I showed Asher my DIY worksheets and he completed it with my assistance. I was overjoyed, I have been thinking how to teach addition and how to make him understand the concept of addition. At one point, I thought he will only start doing addition sum when he is 4 years old or maybe older.

Yesterday, he completed 3 full pages of addition sums and earned himself 6 super stars ! I told him to show daddy how he does addition sums and this morning, I know the father and son were taking shower together and guess what, they surprised me …

Daddy : Asher, tell mommy, 2 + 3 equals to…
Asher : 5 !

Without counting. Hmm… did he make him memorizes ?


3 thoughts on “Maths – Addition

  1. Wow… fantastic.. =)

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