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HL & Bonding

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With tons and countless houseworks to do after we sent the helper back to agency, I admit I somehow hope my son can be as independent as some children out there, give him a brush and let him paint anything, give him addition sums and let him do the counting by himself, give him the maze and let him solve as many pages as he want or maybe turn on the tv and let him watch while I complete my housework of that day.

Somehow, I have come to the point where I care less about tidiness of the house. Everything can wait but not his growing up, is what I remind myself. Today, I came back after sending Asher and I did some cleaning. Picked Asher at 12noon, bought lunch and lunch at close to 1pm. I asked if he wanted to nap, the answer was no, I knew it ! LoL !!

I took out 2 books from his bag and he couldn’t wait to read them to me.

Then I thought I should take out some word cards to recap the Chinese words we learnt weeks ago. (Arrgghhh, how can I forget? Luckily he still remember)

Then he asked for maze.

After solving maze, I told him to practise some strokes, he happily obliged my request.

Addition practice is a daily thing except Friday as he has to rest more for his 1.5hr swimming classes in the evening.

For being a good boy, he earned himself many stickers and super (star) chop !

More reading after he went out with daddy. I didn’t follow as I wanted to finished my housework and let the father son enjoy their “robot period”. I heard they were hunting for some materials.

Really thanks daddy for bringing him out for a while, I get to rest and do nothing. Yes, still enjoying the luxury of no need to cook dinner because my mom’s house is just a stone’s throw away. Additional help is great, I dare not can’t imagine how my friends do it with zero help at all. They are all over the world now, Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong, Chicago, New Zealand.

Opps, sorry for digressing. Where am I? Oh ya, I enjoy our home learning sessions. As I was a little worried about the “syllabus” for nursery kid last week, I read a post from a mom, who thinks that there is no need to follow or worry, just teach and guide, if they can do it at young age or enjoy doing something or learning something they don’t need to, just do it together as it is the bonding that matters.

Suddenly, I’m so proud of ourselves as we don’t have an iPad and still not intend to get one to keep him busy by “self learning” or rather, “e-learning”.


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