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Quesadilla for Ben




6 thoughts on “Quesadilla for Ben

  1. What’s e recipe like for this, Di? I’ve never tried a quesadilla before.

  2. Quesadilla is direct translate of cheese tortilla if I remember correctly. Buy mozzarella cheese or any of your favourite cheese, add cooked ingredients, can be veg or meat. You have your own quesadilla. If you wanna try the original mexican style then add taco seasoning to your meat, add salsa sauce and avocado.

    I wanna try tandoori chicken next time.

  3. That sounds awesomely delish! Nak try soon la. Thank you, Di 😀

    Do we grill/toast til e cheese melts n the pita/taco is crispy?

  4. Till the cheese melt will do. Don’t buy taco or pita, diff roti, pita thick and small, taco is crispy. Get tortilla/fajitas/burritos instead, soft and flat.

  5. Ahh that’s what it’s called…! Was racking my brain for the correct word just now. Yupyup, I always buy from cold storage those flat soft tortilla wraps. Esp love the wholegrain onion & chive ones. Dip in hummus only pon sedap.

    Alamak, talk abt it so much skarang mcm ter-craving for some plak. ;P

  6. Haa, looks like someone is going to causeway point later ! Haha 😀 happy cooking

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