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Loving the CHALKS !


For days we have been playing with these chalks we got from ikea. I think these cost less than $2, but enough to keep him occupied. Besides, cleaning is easy, just damp cloth or water.

We draw anything and write alphabets, numbers on the floor and the table. Love the chalks, love his drawing and I love to have fun afternoon activity daily.


6 thoughts on “Loving the CHALKS !

  1. This reminds me that I’ve still got tt Crayola sidewalk chalk I bought abt 2 yrs ago stashed somewhere. Dulu we like to conteng-conteng outside on concrete floor along our corridor. Good fun! Thanks for sharing/reminding! 🙂

  2. I used to do that too when i was young, pretended to be teacher.:P

    Time for more fun, nowadays we can easily buy colourful chalks.

  3. I agree tt conteng2 with these colourful chalk is fun. Adil n Ana both enjoyed this activity when we played with them chalk a couple of yrs back. But I remember they enjoyed the cleaning up part more. Cos they got to play with a bucket of water outside as they cleaned off their drawings.. Kids n water play: sure hit. Hehee

  4. Yeah! Nowadays ask him to shower takes forever! Instead of saying,” let’s shower.” I have to say

    – let’s wash the clothes together
    – let’s make coffee (masak-masak) together
    – let’s wash toilet together ! And we really scrub the floor !

    I like water play too, the weather is simply too hot !

  5. YES!! N I do ALL of the above with my kids too. So much so that Adil can now take over e job of scrubbing one of the toilets. He’s had lots of practice over e years. 😆 Win-win!

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