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So Sweetheart


Ever since we sent the helper back, I’ve taken over her role. Well, I have to. Cleaning and moping, washing and hanging every other day, never ending household chores to do. Asher has been asking what am I doing for 10 times daily. He expects me to play with him, watch TV together. I can understand he just doesn’t use to having a busy mom running up and down the house hence always ask me why am I doing the same thing again and again. Luckily not up to the point when I have to record my repeated answers.

Of course there are days when he is such a sweetheart, sitting down on his own, choosing any worksheets/books available, telling me confidently that he can do his work by himself, without me sitting next to him. I was half way hanging clothes and I couldn’t help but take out my phone snap this shot.
I checked on his work after I finished my chores.
2 weeks ago, I told Asher his task is to help me to water the plants daily as we did not have extra help. Since then, he has been taking care of my plants. Sometimes he would tell me the plants need soil, sun(light), rain water and air to grow, thanks to little red hen play, he learns from them.
Out of one day, Asher found his shaker he made in JM when he was around 20months old.

Maybe he was taught again in school, he added water into the bottle and told me he wanted to grow them! I got him to pour it out and told him to give little water daily so they can grow.

He watered them daily and saw them grew. He told me he wanted them to grow taller than him. I’m glad Asher has some exposure when he was young, I used to think there is no need to introduce this and that at such young age but now I know why.



2 thoughts on “So Sweetheart

  1. well done. He is very independent. 🙂

  2. Maybe he is alone and maybe the environment make a lot of different. He is never like that at mom’s.

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