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Skill Improved – Scissor/Cutting


It has been a long time since we last used scissor. When I saw him skipping with one leg at the playground on the other day, I thought I read some skills improves as kid grows, one of it is using scissor. Just like other children, Asher started cutting before he turned 3yo but I wasn’t sure if he can cut shapes now so I decided to draw simple shapes and asked him to cut using scissor.
He told me confidently that he can do it by himself, I was trying to hold his paper but looked like I didn’t have to, he even asked me to cut another piece in very firm tone, like as if he was the teacher.

It took him less than 5 mins to finished cutting but I did not want to throw them away. I got him to paste them in columns and wrote the first letters for the name of the shapes. As he was pasting and writing, he kept telling me he did this(pasting) in school, he used the same glue(stick) and teacher was in charge to close the cap after used. It is always nice when your children start sharing little things from school. I always love to hear his story.
Happily showing off to his daddy in the evening and requested me to paste it on the board.



2 thoughts on “Skill Improved – Scissor/Cutting

  1. This is a very good activity! N free too, I loike! Thanks for the tip. *thumbs up* Never thought abt this. Duh! Always think of kumon cut n paste books whenever I think of cutting skills. Will definitely try this one. 🙂

  2. Impromptu activities ! LoL !!

    Bought a new printer lately and the boy, itchy fingers pressed some button and printed a page (graph), that was why I used it to simply draw some shapes, wanted to try circle but I think he will scream for help so triangle and square will do for now.

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