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Swimming Class starts @ 3.5yo


Instead of signing up swimming classes which required parents to soak in the pool with the kid, we waited until the age when Asher is allowed to join the swimming class at Singapore Sport School named Speediswim. Yeah! We don’t have to get wet.

Okay, that’s part of reason. Putting bonding thing aside, we really want to see how the coach teach such young kid and how well our kid will be with the coach in the pool. Parents will agree with me, kids behave differently when they are not with their parents. If he keep clinging onto daddy (he used to) like a koala bear, we really don’t know if we are paying to buy “bonding time”.

Anyway, I like the environment and the pool. It is not a public pool (obviously), only SSS students and speediswim registered children/adults can use the pool. Besides, this is a indoor swimming pool, that tells everything, right? No cancellation for unforeseen weather. Singapore weather is so unpredictable. It was raining almost daily for months even after CNY. The fee is reasonable, we pay a little extra for having 2 lesson each week and I arrange the lessons to be conducted on the same day. 40 mins lesson, 10mins break then continue for another 40 mins. It didn’t really drain my Energizer preschooler as he takes power nap in the afternoon on every Friday.

So far he has attended 4 lessons, we are not targeting or aiming that he can swim after a month so, stress free lah. Let’s just throw the kid in the pool with coach and have at least 1.5hr couple time on every Friday evening.



16 thoughts on “Swimming Class starts @ 3.5yo

  1. Didn’t know they have classes for younger kids there! Is it a mixed class or just for 3/4yo? We’ve been waiting for Ana to be old enough for a class so that I can send both kids for swimming lessons at 1 go so tt it’s not double work for me and Ana/Adil doesn’t waste time waiting while the other goes for lessons. Any feedback abt the coach/lessons so far? Worth the fees? Can email me at if u prefer that to writing it here. TIA, Di!

  2. Mixed. Max of 4 pax in a class. Asher is learning with another 2 newbies but they are much older. 40 mins per lesson.
    Phase : introduction, water confidence
    level : Water Safe 1 (there are 3 levels for ws)
    assessment done every 3 months, if the child is ok, he will move to up another level.
    Monthly Fee : 115/4x, 160/8x (weekday). 125-170 for weekend

    All must start from WAter safe level. As they move up diff level, the class size is bigger , time longer, cost higher.

    Review, too early to give. 🙂 the pool temp is very low, like 15/17 deg cel if I’m not wrong, kids shivering once they are out of pool but some kids are okay.

  3. This sounds quite ideal. Speediswim right? Will read up more. Thank you! 🙂

  4. Yes. Don’t mention.

  5. Hi Diana, How is it you signed up for 2 classes for him? Don’t get it how it works.

    By the way, i saw you couple of times at EK but too shy to approach you. 🙂

  6. Hi vi,

    Everyone can choose either one lesson or two lessons a week, the charges are slightly different. We signed up for 2 lessons/wk. Instead of going 2 times a wk, we choose to go on Friday , 2 slots.

    Wave hello here first. 🙂 I was advised to leave after I send him. I don’t stay for long since last wk.

  7. Thanks, Diana. So the youngest to start is 3.5yrs old? I shall wait for next year then.

  8. Hi, Diana.
    I am new to your blog and i love to read yr blog.
    I am living in woodlands and has a daughter turning to 3 yrs old this Friday !She will join EK next year.So ,probably i will only say Hi to you in person next year : )

    Thank you for sharing ! Have a nice day.

  9. Hi to you !

    My son will join afternoon class for next year. Hope I have the courage to take up driving license, if not, we may have to go other school. :))

  10. Thanks again for sharing all that info, Diana. Thought it’d be polite if I just get back to you and tell you that we’ve decided to engage a private swimming coach instead. Easier for him to attend to Adil’s and Ana’s different pace. Just had their first lesson last Friday, so far so good. Thanks for getting me off my bum to do something abt their swimming lessons 😉

  11. Sure! Actually I’m considering private coach too, nak pindah, jauh nak balik sini but for the next 3 months, we will still send him there.:))

    Can share info of the coach? I pmed a popular one months ago, this day cannot, that place cannot. :/

  12. We got Coach Zul. Recommended by another Coach Eric who only coaches in East or central areas of Singapore. Only 1 lesson so far, but not bad.

    Coach Zul: +65 9710 7361

    You sold your woodlands em? Pindah mana? *kaypoh* hehe

  13. Thanks for the information.

    Not yet, mop in a month time. Most likely next month, depending on the offer price.:)

    Still yet to decide. Maybe west coast, maybe east coast, maybe kovan. Haven’t view any units.

  14. Good luck with the hse hunting/hse selling! 🙂 We just cleared ours last March. The hse hunting part that is. Trying not to sell our woodlands unit if we can. 9+ years in this hse liao. Mcm sayang. But see how e rental market is in 2 yrs time.

  15. thank you ! I think the hunting part will not be fun. 😛

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