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Sensory Play – Messing Around with Salt

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Instead of buying sand, I decided to go for salt ! Asher spent a good 30 minutes with the salt, alphabets, water spout (sticks) and bear. Messy? Yes ! Dirty? No. Not for young toddlers, never leave them unsupervised as they tend to taste the salt. For me, I’m fine with that, he knows these are salt and yes, very salty! He accidentally rubbed them on his eyes so I took the chance to tell him to play gently and be careful.
I held my breath when I saw him walking into the house to take tissue papers with salts all over him, but I smiled while taking these shots, he truly enjoyed himself.
What came next was even more fun – water ! I got him to wash his alphabets, he was cooking them instead. LoL!! Then he watered my plants with salt water ! Well, as long as you are happy, my dear. Another 30 minutes used for cleaning and tidying, not importantly, I was not the one doing it. LoL !!


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