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Learning with Daddy – Orion

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Except this print, the rest were made using recycle items daddy could find at home. Place this on top of the board and make holes on it.
Recycled from our Christmas tree and ear cleaner.
Use tape to secure them in place.
Back view. Oh yes, we are done.
Front view, close up. You can see they are slightly protruding from the holes, be careful as you handle them to prevent scratch.
Proudly present his masterpiece in the wrong position, lol !!
Can you see the Orian ?
Now Asher can easily spot the most recognisable pattern of star – Orian whenever he looks up into the dark sky. I’m always amaze by daddy who can recognise the signs and stars, he loves everything Science related and I’m only good at Biology. Whenever daddy teaches Asher something I don’t know, I take this opportunity to learn with them as well.


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