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Jurek is 6 !

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The first time I met Jurek, he was around 2.5yo. Energetic and super boyish but a little bit shy. Today, Jurek turns 6. He has not changed much except becoming more handsome !
Located just next to Farrer Park mrt station, Mommy Elda has transformed the venue into a mini arcade. Just in case you are wondering, the birthday theme is Animal Kaiser Tournament.
You can see some kids are helping Jurek to save the world by killing the devils . LoL !!
The older kids had so much with these machines.
Of course the younger ones know where to have fun too.
That’s right! It’s the playground ! From the beginning I saw these 2 guys running after each other, actually most of the time Asher was the one running after Sidney. As usual, my boy wants to make friends, found playmate but doesn’t know how to “maintain”, Asher kept throwing things at Sidney, he complained, I stepped in to facilitate and then left them to play, with close observation of course, I did not want anyone to get hurt. Love Sidney to bits, he is so forgiving (so are his parents) and Asher was given chances to learn how to play with others. I believe if your kids came back telling you,”he keep throwing things on my face.” You will most likely get your son out of the place so that no one can “bully” him, confront the parents and worst, shout at the bully. Yeah, a little hiccup happened as there were other residents at the playground but was there a need to scold a 3yo boy? We are the parents and we were there, we knew what happened and leave the discipline part for us.

Uber cute Sidney (3y11mo) and my mischievous Asher, happily posing for camera.
The matching theme, customised birthday cake for Jurek.
Probably the only reason to stop playing game – cake cutting. LoL!! Super engrossed with it. Believe it or not, this is my first time singing birthday song with the candles unlit. All guests are non smoker and we couldn’t find any lighters, not even from passer by. Nevertheless, everyone sang the birthday sings in 3 different languages and Jurek thanked everyone for celebrating his day with him.


Again, we thanked Jurek and Elda for inviting us, we had a great time, great food (pastamania catering) and the kids enjoyed themselves. Now staying at just a stone’s throw away from botanical garden, maybe we shall meet up often and let the kids run wild at the park. We are really happy for them on their new nest, nice environment and perfect location *on hunting mode* I also want to stay here! But Ben doesn’t want it.


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