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“Mommy, he always beat me.”


20130514-211333.jpgAsher said this to me once. I can’t quite remember when, should be last week. I didn’t take it to heart, I thought he was just involved in some kiddo fight among his classmates, probably too small case as no one, I mean, no teacher mentioned a thing to me.

Today, I went to pick Asher after his enrichment class and before we left, I heard someone calling Asher. I turned around, it was a boy, likely to be in K2, tall and fair. There was no expression on his face, not those friendly type who call out friends, wave and say goodbye. (He just called his name for fun and stared hard at him, there wasn’t any boy around except him) At first I thought he just knows Asher in the enrichment class. I prompted Asher that his friend was calling him and I told him to say goodbye to his friend.

“He always beat me.” I thought I heard him wrongly. Asher refused to say goodbye and I think the boy heard me. I looked at the boy, he then said,”Goodbye, Asher.” (in complete monotone.)

Honestly, I don’t feel good at all. I am pretty sure Asher is telling me the truth. For so long, he doesn’t really share with me what he does or what he learns in school. That explains why it doesn’t matter whatever his answers are whenever I ask him about school. But this is the first time he complains about being beaten up by an older kid. I can understand and I will not make a big hoohaa if the “bully” is his classmate as I know, nursery children are mostly innocent and forgiving. In fact, I know my boy is also not 省油的灯, meaning he will not just keep quiet and got bullied/pushed, he talks back like nobody business. Daddy mentioned again in the evening, as we wanted to know what exactly happened.

We found out
-they are in same enrichment class on Monday as Asher mentioned “do our own drawing”.
– he hits Asher on his head and body
– they sit next to each other as he said “we sit together because no more seat”

I can tell the daddy is heartbroken too when Asher was trying his best to tell us what happened. I’m fuming as I recalled how the boy “trying to provoke” even when I, the mother was there with Asher. Once I get hold of his name and class, I’m going to call the in-charge from Oistein’s art to find out more and inform the principle. I do hope this is just a misunderstanding but I don’t think Asher is so good that by 3.5yo, he can make up story like this.


2 thoughts on ““Mommy, he always beat me.”

  1. Hi Diana, is your boy at EK? My boys is at EK too. Quite concerned about what you are saying. Not that I am overprotecting but it will be unpleasant experience for the kids.

  2. Thanks for your concern. That matter, I spoke to teacher and they said there was no interaction between the boys. I did not want to make a big hoohaa, my son told me he doesn’t want to join the art class, so he is not joining for next term. Now there is no more art class, my son stopped complaining, I believe the k2 boy has stopped coming to him. If he were to call out Asher loudly again after school, I will approach him.

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