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iPhone 5

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Change for the sake of changing, simply with no reason. If I have to think of a reason or two, then it is because my Birthday is just around the corner. *lame* Ben couldn’t stand my old phone camera quality. He insisted to spend money, he insisted to get it changed. But, he didn’t want me to get a fruit phone, he said it indirectly, I’ve made an effort to read up reviews and compare S4. Okay, let’s just conclude that I’m just plain lazy unadventurous, I blog using WordPress apps on iPhone and I’ve tried it on android and windows phones. *shake head* nothing beats this. The rest of the apps are almost the same, I know many say after using (new phone) for some time, everyone gets use to it. *this is my 7th iPhone, damn hard to change*

Anyway, hello phone, you’re so sleek and thin and light and cheap(in price), I’ll try my very best to look after you so don’t you try to go missing like your other siblings, okay?


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