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5th Play of 2013 – The Enormous Turnip

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I bought the tickets months before the play, I also bought the story book online and daddy is in charge of reading it to him before bed.

Few days ago, I remember Asher learnt about this story in his English Dramatiques and speech class too and there are some finger puppets. I thought these are really useful as I am going to let him play with them and at the same time, I can use some word card from his Chinese lesson to do some matching. What a good way to retell the story, learn to recognise words and not wasting resources from all lessons.

Story book from Ladybird
Finger puppets from Speech & Drama class, Chinese word cards from Chinese lesson, English word cards made by me (not in photo)
Most importantly, Asher enjoyed the play to the bits!



Here is a short clip :


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