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Art & Craft @ Mall

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Long overdue photos! These were taken somewhere in Feb. We went to AMK hub and walked past the art corner. Suddenly Asher told us he wanted to do painting. This is different from painting, one needs to use fine motor skill to complete a piece. Of course adults have no problem doing it but for a first timer, he needed guidance from us.

Squeezing too much paints was my concern, no wasting please. So I was the one in charge of squeezing and let him do the rest.

Happily posing with his work. Asher was so happy when he completed it. He lifted it up when we wanted to take photo but the paint wasn’t dry! Unique? Of course! LoL

This was done 2 weeks ago when we were back to AMK. I went for my IPL session while daddy looked after him. This time, Asher was way much better. According to daddy, he chose the BEE.

Cheeky as usual, insisted to cover his face with his art piece. He simply adores this one. He brought it to the bank, to popo’s house. And stick it onto the whiteboard, oven glass door, our tv screen!



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