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Yakult Factory Tour

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I remember Cheryl went to Yakult Factory Tour many years back, I was hoping I could follow, guess I wasn’t even pregnant that time. I always wonder how’s the secret behind to make them and yes, I love them. I almost forgot about this education tour until last week, mommy Peiyu asked if I wanna tag along, I immediately said yes! And of course, I brought Asher too.

Located at 7 senoko avenue, it is just a short ride from our place. Once we enter the factory, we saw display tables with different packaging for Yakult worldwide.
Lecture room at level 2.

With tables, chairs and projector, as well as Yakult for everyone.
A group of approx. 25 pax for each education tour session. As there were only a few of us, we joined another bigger group.
Happily slurping his Yakult while watching cartoon.
After that, we were brought to the viewing gallery to see the process of making Yakult. The viewing gallery is separated by the glass wall to prevent contamination.

The narrator explained how probiotics were being made and where to store them. (Photo courtesy of mommy Peiyu)
We walked pass the QC room to find out every single batch of the Yakult on the supermarket shelf has been checked daily before they deliver them to the supermarket. (Photo courtesy of mommy Peiyu)
We also brought to the moulding room, yes, they make their own bottles and use them almost immediately to prevent contamination. Then, printing labels, followed by filling up the drink and sealing. (Photo courtesy of mommy Peiyu)
Lastly, the shrink packaging room where we can to see how they were packed in seconds ! (Photo courtesy of mommy Peiyu)
Thank you Mommy Peiyu for asking me along to the Yakult factory, it is our first factory tour but definitely not the last one. Asher enjoyed so much that he kept asking to go back again. Guess the cartoon was engaging, ops !! I shall not reveal much ! Give them a call at 67561033, ext 313/314 to make arrangement for the factory tour, which lasts about 1.5 hrs and it is foc. Each of you will be given a bottle of Yakult too.

Now Asher has a better understanding what is a factory like.
And he is happy to have 2 new friends, Charlotte and KD. That’s mommy Ting with her newborn in her arms. (Photo courtesy of mommy Peiyu) FYI, the Yakult here is 30cents cheaper than retail price, so don’t forget to buy some before you leave.


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