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Asher’s 1st Love Letter

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What a surprise ! I found this in Asher’s bag on the last day of school, it reads “Charis loves Asher”. Asher was so proud and I told him we must make her a card too.
We were so busy last week due to a few viewing sessions hence we only managed to do it later. Asher carefully wrote his name on the card.
And he drew a heart! Haha, this was the second time he drew heart. Of course the first heart was for me.
Then he asked me should he write “Asher loves Charis” or ” Asher loves you” ? He chose to write her name in the end, I spelt for him. After writing, he carefully chose some stickers for her. Saw the pink star? He said pink is for girls.
Look how cheerful our little boy was with his card especially made Charis. Hope she will love it.


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