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SMRT Child Card


Asher lost his child card 2 weeks ago. As he was pretty upset, I went back to the mall and tried my best to search for it. I should have leave my contact or something on the card, so that someone could contact me directly if he found the card. Sadly, I did not and I decided to cancel the child card. At first, I thought I just need to report lost card at the station counter and got one replacement at a small fee. Until I approached the staff at one counter, the staff handed me this card:
And told me I can only get a replacement card at designated concession card replacement offices :
1. AMK hub Bus Interchange
2. Hougang Central Bus Interchange
3. Pasir Ris Bus Interchange
4. Jurong East Bus Interchange
5. CCK Bus Interchange
6. Tiong Bahru Bus Interchange

On top of that, I have to pay $10 replacement fee. I called the hotline and cancelled the card. Was advised to wait for few days (just in case someone found and return to me) or search for the card again as once I cancelled, the lost card cannot be used again even if it was found. I didn’t leave any numbers and I really have no idea where else can I find it so I just cancelled it over the phone and got some numbers sent to my phone to refund purposes, which only can be processed 10 days after reporting.

Due to the haze issue, we didn’t travel far and only managed to get it replaced few days ago.

Lesson learnt –
1. Sealed !

2. Leave name and contact numbers (so that the kind soul will call owner, instead of leaving it at any counters. I walked to so many shops just to search for 1 card as I did not know where exactly it was lost)

3. Wait until someone calls (if report lost card, card will be cancelled in 2 days time and cannot be used even if it is found again. So silly ! Why can’t they reactivate it?)
Happy Boy with his new card, he
promised me he will take good card and make sure his card is always in his lanyard.



2 thoughts on “SMRT Child Card

  1. Hmmm…
    Lit surprise lost her card few wks ago.
    I bot a new card for her from yew tee mrt before making the call to terminate the card.
    And I got the refund for balance of lost card about 10 working days later..

  2. I called to cancel. The refund can only be done 10 days later after reporting and due to the haze, we went amk hub interchange 2 weeks later can get it all done together (getting replacement card, pay replacement fee and refund fee was added into the new card).

    You did it at yew tee? Did you pay $10 replacement fee? You bought a card and terminated the old card but in the next 48 hours(if I remember correctly) someone can still use it.

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