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Children Face Masks


Last month, everyone was talking about psi and haze issues. My beloved sister was very concerned and she bought plenty of face masks for the children.
Thank goodness the bright blue sky is back and we all get to breath fresh air now. I’ve also learnt my lesson to keep myself updated with healthcare information, after the big hoohaa on children N95 mask.

When I was told about it, I thought this was something new as I don’t remember there were kids size. After all the checking and clarification, those who claimed to sell children N95 mask were actually selling adult sized mask. The size of the mask my friend’s 4yo girl was wearing is actually my size!

Like all healthcare workers, I went through face mask fitting, a detailed check was done to make sure we, the frontline healthcare workers are wearing the right size mask during any airborne disease outbreak or performing procedures. Face mask fitting is essential, it is to protect ourselves hence everyone of us know our “code numbers” for our mask. The “s” on the code means the mask is for adult with smaller face. I know it because I’m one of them who wear it. Some despicable sellers simply sold the products to the public at high prices and they didn’t even know what are they selling.

N95 mask from Qoo10. N95? Kidding me!
Ordinary surgical face mask from Japan. I got it bulk. Some mommies are stocking up the masks for their kids. I’m doing the same. I was very panicked when all children face masks went OOS, I told myself I will keep some for “emergency” in future. I do have some extra at home, do contact me if you want to buy for your children too.
One bad example. The N95 mask was way too big for Asher but he insisted to wear. At that point of time, I didn’t have any masks for him, guilty ! As for me, yes, 8210 is not my size too.

Anyway, I thanked my sister for her kind thought and thanked our friend, Big J for sending N95 masks to our place at 1130pm. I remember the stock everywhere was low and he got it from vendor directly and distributed these masks to all his clients island wide. Yes, all the way till midnight. Talk about true friends…


5 thoughts on “Children Face Masks

  1. Hihi, im trying to stock up children’s masks too… Where did you buy those minnie’s and stitch’s design masks? Hope is not too expensive thou 🙂

  2. These were sent to me from jpn. Bought off shelf and I did not make any profit. $4 for a pack with 10 pc inside. Definitely one of the cheapest in town.

  3. 🙂 Im keen to purchase if you are selling…
    btw, just bought a cloth mask @ $4.50 from kiddy palace..

  4. Yes yes I have extra.:)

    Which designs and how many do you want? Add50 cents and I will send it out the next day after payment.

  5. k, minnie x1pk and stitch x1pk
    Oh, btw, each pack is sealed right.
    U can email me the payment details to my email 🙂

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