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Citibank? Silly Bank

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9th July 2013

31st May 2013
I didn’t bother to update information for almost a decade. Lately, I ran into trouble when Citibank personnel tried to verify some information from me, eg. mobile number, how would I remember my first mobile number! I failed to provide correct answers for a few questions and that was it, I told myself to make an effort to update our details once I receive the letter.

Then here comes another trouble…
Credit limit !

I should have see it coming but, why did they just update the credit limit permanently without asking if we want to or it is just the “standard” to do it? We (obviously) do not need to increase the limit. Called and asked if we can verbally tell them to decrease the limit permanently, request rejected and told to download the form from the website and send it the request.

Oh my, increase limit temporary is way much easier than decrease credit limit? It just doesn’t make sense to me. (Request subject to approval, I hope I don’t need to call them again) Moreover, I have to attach latest pay slip.

I find it really silly. Maybe I should ask friends who work in the finance industry. Maybe they can add a column in the update details form to ask if the customers want to increase the credit limit, if the answer is no, then state how much we want it to be. why double the trouble for customers who make an effort to update information but do not want to have much changes in credit limit?

Tsk tsk.


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