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Mango Pudding

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Suddenly, he had the mood to make jelly/pudding. I said yes to his request and bought the ingredients this morning after sending him to school. Right after lunch, he told me he didn’t want to nap so we decided to make the pudding together.

I prepared water, he poured in jelly powder and stirred.
I boiled the mixture, he poured them into cups using spoon.
He added the cubed mango, I put them in fridge.
But before I put them in fridge, he took a cup and helped himself.
Loving every moments we spent together. one moment scolding, another moment kissing. Sometimes, I think I’m crazy. LoL !! I told daddy I don’t want an oven for our new place as I hardly use it. Maybe I may change my mind, maybe. As for now, I just want a multi function rice cooker and a good quality slow cooker.


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