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Shieltox Vapouriser


I was shocked when I caught them! I called NEA and told them to check through our blk and they said they did not find anything. So, was I breeding them? I didn’t know. There was no clean stagnant water, I’ve threw all the potted plants away, I did not do any cooking and 2 bathrooms were unused. I was clueless, I almost wanted to invite NEA officer to come over and check. Luckily, they disappeared before I could do that.
Look at the spots on it’s body.
So now besides checking through the bathrooms and every dark corners, we use Shieltox Vapouriser nightly. Somehow it helps, I used to turn on this when we were holidaying in Malaysia and now, we bought it back to Singapore. It is very easy to use, replace the used mat by pushing in the new one at the side. I chose violet mat, which has very pleasant lavender scent and the cost is only RM7.80 for 60 pcs. I’ve tried the liquid repellent but definitely not as effective as this one. We will be buying extra units for our new place.


2 thoughts on “Shieltox Vapouriser

  1. what about the “tank”? Not sure if it’s the proper name. haha.
    read this info in an article.. need to loosen soil from potted plants to prevent the accumulation of stagnant water on the surface of the hardened soil.

  2. No, didn’t check. Should be fine now as no mosquitoes found lately.

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