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Packing starts…

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What’s after the first appointment? Just like going on holiday, the headache starts after clicking the buy button at SQ website, PACKING !

This is the most painful part. Especially when I’m the only one who is going to do, by myself. The man? He has more important thing to do, yes, that’s what I told myself, do not disturb the sole bread winner, he shall reward me after the whole damn thing.

Things were a lot easier when we moved from a room to a 1500sqft apartment 5 years ago. Most of the big bulky stuff were purchased after moving in. Now, we are moving back to a room before we officially move into our 1066sqft apartment. How? We asked ourselves. SELL – is the answer.

Sofa, drawers, tables, dining set, tv – all sold at unbelievable low price to our friend.

Kitchen stuff – mostly giveaway to friend.

Clothes – take only 50% and those who entered our room before know I have a pathetic, small wardrobe so clothes are the things I like to pack now. All into 2 big luggages and the rest to Salvation Army.

Some wooden furniture to Salvation Army.

Toys & Books – keep all (requested by “owner”)

Believe it or not, we may have less than 10 big boxes to move. And yes, new apartment? 99% new furniture and lots of carpentry work to be done.

Final appointment fixed on 29th August but we will move out a week earlier. After that, we will meet Mr. Fengshui & Mr. ID in September and renovation works should start in October.

Mr. November, I can’t wait to meet you !


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