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Peter & Jane

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Besides getting him to know his phonics (basic, not long or short vowels) well, I have no idea how to help him to learn to read. I know many of us learn reading without phonics so sometimes, I don’t understand why am I so “anal” about this. How can I convince myself? Peer pressure ! Everyone is telling everyone to send their kids here and there to learn phonics so that the kids can read by themselves early, as in reading independently as early as 3 years old ? Mine is close to 4 and no where near there, I know he can read a few words, I choose not to keep track, and I’m still hesitate to send A to any phonic class. So, what can I do? Do something I know (loh) – read.

Why did I choose Ladybird Key Words with Peter and Jane? It is because I know them. Not that I own any of this when I was young. I know them through my English-speaking cousins who has the whole series. From what I know, they are very well kept in my uncle’s house even after 30 years. Maybe I should ask from my uncle since I have only 1a-c, 2a-c and 3a-c. Some of them were from second-hand shop and some were new from bookstore. Keep a look out if you want, sometimes, I see mommies selling all 36 books at low price.
Due to the recent “house issues”, books were left untouched for weeks. *guilty* we finally pick them up one by one again and moving up to book 1c now. Sigh, I can’t wait to settle everything and focus on Asher again.


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