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My GST Voucher 2013


A SAHM obviously has zero income, that entitled me to receive the max amount for GST voucher. Happy or not? Of course! For those who didn’t get it, stop complaining as you’re paid monthly together with some bonuses too.

I remember my ex colleague J used to say govt paid for her Ferragamo shoes (with gst voucher), this time round, looks like govt paid for my C sunglasses? LOL !!


6 thoughts on “My GST Voucher 2013

  1. Hmm, I’m a sahm too with zero income. Yet got nothing. Technicality. Bah.

  2. Because still consider employed under no pay leave? Will you go back to school in near future?

  3. Dunno why, Di. 😦 Perhaps..? But so strange lor.. No pay leave means zero income what?? Maybe it’s ownership of the old place and new place but I thought all these should have been budgeted based on last yr’s budget which was wayy before we bought new place..? *shrug* 🙄

    I am currently drafting my resignation letter. I have 2 more weeks left to change my mind before I need to serve my 1 month notice.

  4. No, I don’t think it is the “new place” thing. Gotta be “employed”, I don’t think they include “status” that’s why you didn’t get it because you’re still consider “one head” in the department.

    In the past, when I was working, there was this staff on long term illness leave, no matter how low man power, we also cannot employ more staff to cover the duty because she was considered one of the staff in the department.

  5. I’m no longer tagged to my old school. I’m considered a ‘floating’ extra ‘staff’ now. E minute leave is approved for more than 1 year, I was ‘untagged’ and became a floating staff. It’s to avoid problem that u mentioned above.. So that school can request for replacement teacher. In school cannot have shortage of teacher.

    Who can get the GST Voucher − Cash?
    To receive the GST Voucher − Cash in 2013, you must fulfil the following criteria:
    i) You must be a Singapore citizen, residing in Singapore;
    ii) You must be aged 21 or above in 2013;
    iii) Your Assessable Income (AI) for the Year of Assessment (YA) 2012 must not exceed $24,000 (i.e. income earned in Calendar Year 2011 as assessed by IRAS);
    iv) The Annual Value (AV) of your home (as indicated on your NRIC) as at 31 December 2012 must not exceed $21,000; and
    v) You must not own more than one property.

  6. Funny, then you should get it because last year belum beli rumah kedua.

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