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HK day 1 – 翠华, Icon Hotel, Meet Up with Friend, 糖朝

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The decision was made within 72 hours before we flew. Simply because daddy said he won’t be free until Dec and Asher asked if we can go Disneyland.

Frankly, I did not want to go HK, not during Summer, not during school holiday in mainland, just not now. Everywhere is packed of people. On the other hand, I couldn’t bear to say no to Asher, to tell him we have to wait until December every time he pulls me to the TV when he sees Disneyland on Disney Junior Channel? No, I didn’t want to do that to him, just because I don’t like summer holiday. I find myself very selfish. Anyway, daddy and I have some plans in mind for December so now seems to be the “best” time for us to bring him there.

Arrived Changi Airport at wee hour, he was awake, he was very excited. Zipping up his vest without help.
Ready to board the plane!
Daddy and I were so tired and hoping he would sleep in the plane too.

Glimpse of sunrise on the plane.
I found a series of self taken portraits of him in my phone. Self entertaining. 🙂
He did sleep for a while before we arrived HKIA. Charged and super energizing !
Single trip for 2 adults to Kowloon at discount rate, HKD140 instead of HKD180. We bought child card too.
Speedy train brought us to Kowloon in 25 mins and we got onto a shuttle to Hotel Icon.
Room was not ready, as expected so we walked around the area and found the famous restaurant chain – 翠华, and we had lunch there.
Satay beef brisket, fish ball noodles, coffee and tea with condensed milk. Really yummy! I personally do not fancy their milk tea so 茶走 was what I ordered in Hk.
Then we met up with old friend who relocated to Hk with his family a year ago. Nice chatting in our room and the kids had fun watching cartoon and fooling around. Naomi Luv with Asher.
After that, we walked to nearby cafe to have wonderful afternoon tea together.
Before we knew it, it was closed to 4pm and we went up to our room to rest after we bid goodbye with the Lees.

The view from our room at 21st floor.
The kid insisted to take bath after he saw the tub. Ha! The mini bar is free! We loved this hotel a lot, shuttle service to TST every 20min, the location, the fantastic view from room, the staff and everything were really good. Daddy was so glad that I found this 5 star hotel and managed to secure the room with harbour view at good rate.
After bathing, we took shuttle from hotel to TST, walked to Hakow Rd and found 糖朝.
Delicious meal @ 糖朝. The porridge was perfect with generous fillings. Fried CCF with XO sauce. Lastly, their famous Tauhue. The portion of food in HK was big, luckily we didn’t order much. After dinner, we went back to hotel and rested in the 32sqft room.


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