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Hiring Event in SG

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Is this fated or what? There was an opportunity earlier this year but lack of the pull factors, we decided to stay put. We sold our apartment and found something we really like. The new place has some good neighborhood schools and everything seems to fall in place nicely. Basically there is no reason to leave the country we love. Like I said before, there must be something you dislike about your current place or the new job in new place is more attractive in all ways, of course, that includes the salary, benefit and other thing; the environment over there is better to raise a happy child, better healthcare, transportation and education system and blah blah blah. If not, everyone is reluctant to walk out from their comfort zone.

Now as parents, our only son is our everything and every move we make will affect his future. Okay, a bit exaggerated, he is my everything, daddy still has his career and it is also very important to him. Basically, I just want to say everything we do, Asher is our first priority, it has to be good, if not, better for him.

We have not really discuss about it, daddy just dropped me a line this morning about the invitation to this event. I have the feeling daddy may go for it because it is really a rare opportunity to be invited. We did mention something to our housing agent before we got our place, that the location must be good, just in case we don’t stay there, we must not have any problem leasing it. It was just a thought, honestly, we look forward to stay there. 🙂


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