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HK day 2 – 点一龙, The Peak, Ferry Ride, 女人街, 康年

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Instead of going for the usual restaurant for dim sum, we went to 点一龙. It is a new concept, a bit atas place for dim sum. The diners don’t sit for long so it didn’t take us long to get a table during peak hour.

I am a dim sum lover, to me, these were delicious!

After feasting, we walked around Harbour City. That was the happy boy with the new cartoon – Planes.

Then, we made a big mistake to go The Peak. Imaging standing under the hot sun at 33 deg cel for 3 hours! I had no idea what made us continue waiting in the line. Maybe because this was our 3rd visit to HK and we just didn’t want to miss it again. Or inside our heart, we know we won’t come back anytime soon.


The Crazy Crowd. These people cut queue, sticked to you like as if you were a wall for them to lean.

A beautiful but not perfect shot by a Korean tourist. Believe it or not, we stayed for a while and left The Peak in 1 hour, we definitely did not want to queue for another 3 hours to get onto the tram.

After we alighted the tram, we took a stroll to the nearby ferry pier , 中环码头.

On our way back to TST by ferry. The ferry stopped at Starlight Ferry Pier, 星光码头.

Almost reaching the pier. This is the place to watch Symphony of Light but we were too late to catch it.

We took a cab from the pier taxi stand to Mongkok, I wanted to try Ling Fa TA LANG. Too bad it was closed on that day then the cab driver told me actually their food is not very nice, he was surprised when I told him to send us there, he was right, it was on air that was how I knew about this 大排档.

Then we walked around Mongkok and had 许留山 mango dessert. It is a must try if you go Hk, personally found it overrated and overpriced too.

Found 康年餐厅 around the corner and we ordered ice milk tea and 2 egg tarts.

Ben’s supper – instant noodles with BBQ chicken wings. That’s his favorite !

Oh, that was me trying out the local curry fish balls. Too chewy to my liking, it tasted nothing like our type of fish balls.

After supper, we went back to our room with such beautiful night harbour view of Hong Kong.


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