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Chinese Herb for Sore Throat

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Oh my! Except the first week in Hong Kong, I have been unwell for the whole month of August! How awful! Because of me, Asher had to take his “cocktails” for a week too. How I miss his lips, I can only kiss his cheeks.

It started with a little stuffy nose, then came back to Singapore with fever and little itchy throat, followed by very bad runny nose and I had to wear mask during our garage sale. When I thought I was slightly better, I lost my voice and started coughing non stop. My phlegm colour changed over the month too, I saw white, then yellow, light green, orange, with blood strains and now, thick greenish.

Asher’s Chinese teacher called me over the phone yesterday, (I forgot I lost my voice)I picked up and she was so shocked to hear my voice, she was so kind, offered to buy me Chinese herb. I didn’t know why I didn’t accept her offer, ha, I told her to gimme the name and I would get it.
Together with the above herb, the taukey gave me 2 extra packs of sore throat powder.
Steps :
1. Rinse
2. Soak for 15 mins
3. Boil for 20 mins (3 bowls of water)
4. Pour and serve warm


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