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Homemade Strawberry Sugar Scrub

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Frankly, I didn’t plan to buy anything or do anything for Asher’s teachers, I am still unwell, I didn’t even sign up to become volunteer for his school Teachers’ Day celebration. When Lavelle’s mommy told me she would be there, I did think of joining them but again, who will want a sick person to be there?

Today, we went to Daiso and saw many interesting stuff. When I saw these cute glasses, I took few of them and without much consideration, I decided to do something simple and special for Asher’s teachers.
Thanks daddy for helping me to print the tags, super cute ! I got the template online and there are simply too many. (Just google!) A jar of homemade strawberry sugar hand scrub comes with a wooden spoon, made with love. Hope the teachers will like them.


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