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Underwater World Singapore

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When I received this in July, I wanted so much to tag along but parents of nursery children were not allowed to follow. I was a little disappointed, none of the school excursions involved parents. Maybe it is just me, I would love to involve and be volunteer, so that I know the teachers and program better. There are some parents who don’t like school excursions that involve parents or asked to be volunteer due to their work commitment, some just simply don’t want to “waste” their annual leaves. I wonder, can they use enhanced CCL? Anyway, back to this, Asher did not want to go at first but I still paid for it.
Coincidently, I saw this book at Popular Bookstore few days later and I decided to buy it. We read together, I reminded him from time to time that he would be joining his teachers and friends to Underwater World, that he would see dolphins and other sea creatures over there too.
The day had finally came. Asher wasn’t excited until he saw the school bus ! Yeah, he knew he was going to hop onto the bus (with TV).
Asher had his own seat this time round and I could see Teacher Sharon helping him to fasten his seat belt. (for previous 2 excursions, 3 children shared 2 seats)
Close to 4.5 hours later, I picked him up from school. This boy couldn’t stop talking about his underwater world experience, what he saw and what they did over there. I wished I had recorded it down. It was just like a show and tell. Immediately, I took out some used workbooks which he completed some time ago, I wanted to make his very own mini aquarium.
Asher wanted to coloured the fish before I put it in his aquarium.
“Mommy, sea creatures!” Asher was all happy to see his mini aquarium. This was perfect for show and tell. Asher loved it and I was thankful that I still managed to complete this despite being sick. What a fruitful day we had!


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