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Experience as Seller

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It has been 4 weeks and we are still trying to clear more stuff online. Thanks to my sister who helps me to advertise at some online selling pages. Over the weeks, we met many good and genuine buyers. 🙂 We also met many interesting people. How interesting are they? LoL!Read here

– how many pages does it have?
I’ve been buying books from online stores and book stores, never once I flip to check how many pages are there. In fact, I don’t remember I bother to check the illustration or how wordy they were before bringing them to check out counter. Last week, we encountered a mother who asked this question. Maybe it is a common question to ask, but to me, it just doesn’t make sense to ask how many pages does the preloved $2 Elmo puppet baby book have.

– does it come with mattress?
It was a very good condition playpen. It came with cover for easy carry and I remember it was about $100. For those who are close to me know where my Asher slept when he was young – less than 2 months in the playpen (only day time) and another 5 months napped and slept alone in his room in his cot. After that, it is my bed. (Damn the teething process and the high fever) so cut the story short, the playpen is very new! But, it didn’t come with mattress when we bought it, not that I didn’t want to sell it with mattress. Even if I had, do you really want a used mattress? There were so many queries on this playpen but all wanted a playpen with mattress. For goodness sake, get your own! There is no way for anyone (I believe) to get a clean used children mattresses. You don’t need anyone to tell you about urine/wet bed stained. Wake up, mommies !! “省钱省到没有路?”

– please reserve the item for me!
When you need a room for overseas trip, you book/reserve a room and pay in full, if not, you provide cc information so that they can charge you if there is no show or penalty. Online seller like me don’t take any reservation fee or ask for payment before I hand/mail them the items. Buyers “fly plane”, play “dead”, simply go MIA after that. Okay, my luck. Do they really know what is “reserve”? You want the item and seller reserves for you upon request and days later, you change your mind and just say “pass”?

There was one lady who reserved many items from me, somehow I got the feeling she just reserved to see the condition and she will drop it once she didn’t like it. And at the same time there was another buyer approached me and wanted the same items she reserved. I told the other buyer to come later (for the garage sale). True enough, the lady came and took only 2 items instead of 5. I wonder, does she go around reserving items online and change her mind as and when she likes? She just wants new, if not, still-super-new-preloved stuff which sell at fraction of the retail price. Come on, $5 for playskool, little tikes products? She even asked for additional discount. For those who came to the garage sale, they knew how low were my selling price. Those who came late even left with lots of good stuff FOC !

– Q
When one item is reserved. Many people start to “Q”, meaning if those before that decide to “pass”, item will go to the next one in Q. Damn, I still need to keep track who Q first, if not, I’ll be bombarded ! Yes, it happened before for FOC item ! Some happily Q and when it is her turn, play “dead” again after sending private message on payment advice. What now? Q for F? Opps, I mean, Q for fun?

– asking for discount in a wrong way
Someone “reserved” the playpen with the intention to view it first before purchase. My dear, you don’t need to “reserve”, just like you don’t “reserve” anything from Kiddy Palace or Gucci before you walk into the store. Just inform me when you are coming will do. Don’t tell me you have to spend “additional” $20 cab fee on top of my selling price for the playpen. This is definitely not the way to ask for discount. If my location is your problem then you have to decide if you should take a cab or bus to check the condition.

– can you mail it to me?
I was so desperate to clear all the stuff before we moved out last 2 weeks. Stuff were sold at unbelievable low prices, some thrown away and some were given for free and some were sent to Salvation Army. I kept posting items online, “garage sale” was stated clearly, told to come over to my place to buy, cash and carry. YET, someone asked me to mail the item to her. Sweetheart, garage sale 还有 mailing 这回事? You think you are buying from Amazon or eBay?

Oh dear, I still have more stories to share esp. when I was selling branded goods.


One thought on “Experience as Seller

  1. I understand how you feel, Di…. me encounted many funny request too when I sell things online, that’s why now I rather give it to charity or close friends and at times I just close my eyes and throw to avoid all the headache… I even have someone who want to buy a S$1 item and ask me can add in registered post FREE…. omg! Even I don’t add in the registered postage cost, what about my time of going to post office for a S$1 item, right? Like what you say, these people really “省钱省到没有路”…

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