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1st trip to Cinema – Disney Planes

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It was Asher first trip to cinema. I always thought daddy should be the one who brought him there but daddy was too busy, too busy. That was why we missed the “snail” – Turbo from Dreamworks. On the 10th, I decided to bring Asher for movie – Disney Planes together with popo and Brycen.
Brycen didn’t sit still for the movie and he was not cooperative, luckily there were much audience. Asher enjoyed himself and had lots of questions regarding the movie.

Back home, we continued with some printables I got online.
Ahh, the kids had fun flying their paper planes, you can see them working on their muscles. It’s relatively mess-free, we don’t need glue, glitter or paint, there is no cutting too. I got the “template” online and all I used was just a recycled A4 paper.


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