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Our 2013 Mooncake Feast

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燕阁 from Chris, Nat. Besides getting the usual lotus paste mooncake, they also bought 五仁 for our mother as that is her favourite. How thoughtful.
Summer Palace (Regent Singapore) from Colin and Ju. Lotus Paste Mooncakes. Colin tried a few and his choice is this for our mother.
The Moon Rabbit (Bakerzin) from Fong and Margaret. Mao Shan Wang snowskin mooncakes ! All because our mother loves durian.
Goodwood Park. Signature Cempedak Snowskin mooncakes, just one small bite and Ben said we should get this for Margaret. In our family, she is the only one who fancies snowskin, since we have only durian snowskin mooncakes, we decided to get this.
Kee Wah (Hong Kong). We got this box when we were in HK last month, oh yes, we have started eating mooncakes since last month. LOL!!

Eater Palace. Yam Paste Teochew Mooncakes! Everyone’s favourite and this is the only type of mooncakes I eat. So, it is a must-buy so I’m not left out.
Mandarin Orchard. Lastly, less sugar almond lotus mooncakes for my ILs.


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