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Ventolin & Seretide

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I can’t remember how many times he has gone through this but I remember he only struggled once with the mask, that was his first time receiving neb in Dr. Teo’s clinic.

This time, the nurse left him there for approx. 10 minutes, he stayed still and inhaled, no iPhone or whatever given to him, then he called for the nurse and asked,”are we done?”

Hmm, my son has grown up so much.
Back home, we were instructed to give Ventolin and Seretide puff using the aero chamber. I’ve given puff to countless children in kkh, they were all whining and crying, now my son has become my patient, the most cooperative one! I have no idea why this boy loves medicine and he gets fascinated with medical instruments and devices. He plays with Stethoscope, the real one in clinic and hardly touches the one I bought for him. Have I ever mention he overdosed himself with his own medicine while I was away for 3 seconds? (I was screaming when I saw him drinking medicine directly from his medicine bottle) To prevent the same thing from happening, I have to hide the puff and keep all medicine away from him.

I remember all the children were sobbing inconsolably when they saw the chamber, only this boy, can you see him smiling? He was asking for extra puff, just in case you’re wondering. 😀


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