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Birthday Goodies Bag

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Like many parents, I make an effort to go through the goodies I want to give to children. As requested, I’m sharing the content of birthday goodies bag I’ve prepared for celebration in school. Nothing special actually, I guess most of you are familiar with these items. To me, so long the food are not from unknown source, safe for children, bring smiles on their faces, can fit into the take-out boxes, I buy.

Mango Pudding

LollyTalk Rock Candy

Lotte Strawberry Biscuit

Moiji Chocolate Cookies

Wang Wang Rice Cracker
Due to the size of the take-out boxes, I was not able to put more hence many things I wanted to buy were missed out,
Eg. stickers and games. Note to myself : get bigger boxes/carriers for his big 5 next year!


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