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Asher is Finally Four !

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Asher kept asking for an Octonauts theme birthday party for his big 4 but for some reason, we couldn’t give him a big party. However, we surprised him on this special day.

Teachers informed me that we couldn’t celebrate his birthday on actual day as it was Children’s Day and there was celebration so on Wednesday, Asher got to wear home clothes to school. Once he arrived, he was greeted by teachers and friends.
Asher had a “grand one” in school as all children and teachers from EK sang him birthday song.

The cheeky birthday boy with classmate, XuanJing.

Asher’s classmates were given some goodies packed in takeout boxes, together with personalized Octonauts birthday labels. Asher was thrilled to see these and happily distributed them to his friends.
Goodies Take-Out boxes
On Thursday, which was his actual birthday, he celebrated Children Day in EK with friends and teachers and brought home gifts from EK and teachers. Sher was so happy to see daddy waiting for him in school.
Then, we went law firm to collect our key and headed to our new place and together with the rest, we sang birthday song and had him cut his Octonauts birthday cake from Flor. He was surprised to see the place and happy to have (almost) everyone with him.
Asher with his “Birthday Cakes” !
Asher’s with daddy and mommy.
The kids with Aunty Juliana
The kids with Aunty Margaret
It was a special day for us, Asher officially turned 4 and the day we became proud owner of the beautiful place.


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