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Asher can swim !


I am the one who bring him to SSS every Friday for his swimming lesson, I don’t usually leave the place while he is in the pool with coach.

Last week, I didn’t stay as I was out for coffee break with daddy. I came back and coach gave me signal. I sat down quietly, took out my phone and managed to record it down. (Heard coach Ian told Asher to show mommy that he could swim)

Yes, Asher can swim, finally ! I’m so proud of him. Maybe daddy is right, we shouldn’t be there, it looks like as if we are observing the lesson even though we are not and most of the time, teachers/coach prefer parents to be away so that they don’t feel pressurized. I always see one daddy scolding (with pointing finger) his son for not able or not willing to put his head under water, the boy is always sobbing as he goes near the pool.


2 thoughts on “Asher can swim !

  1. Yayyyy Asher! Nicely done! 🙂

    Di, I wanna thank you for getting me started on e hunt for a swimming class/coach for Adil and Ana too. I remember that it was your post that prompted me.

    Adil progressed very fast and swam after e first lesson. Not surprising la since he’s so much older. Ana can swim a little too now. After 7 lessons and after a rather shaky/shy start with e coach (some days we went and she totally refused to get in with Coach for any formal coaching!). All good now and I’m soO pleased! She went into e deep pool on her own while Coach was busy with Adil last Friday! I saw Asher’s video and I think I know how you feel 😀

    Posted a video too. Have a look yah?

  2. Wow!!! Ana is good!!

    Actually Asher is still afraid of pool. LoL !! No way to get him jump into it but I’m fine with that, just let him take his sweet time.

    Now I’m thinking of sending him for music class, 😛

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