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逸群 Yet Con Chicken Rice

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The moment I stepped into Yet Con, I wished I’ve brought my parents here. It was not about their food, it was the table, chair, floor tiles, wall and the super old vintage counter. If you’re born in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, you will understand the feeling. Sometimes, I think it is good to keep some old stuff around, something special and always bring back childhood memories. (I didn’t take much photos as I was told the old man (taukey) doesn’t like.)
Chicken rice – if you’re looking for delicious chicken rice, this is not the place. I bet everyone is here for “something else”, definitely not chicken, maybe the rice.
Famous dish – Pork Chop, must try.
Stir fried Beef – salty but very delicious, just one dish is enough to feed me.
Yet Con is located at 25 Purvis Street. A little bit difficult to get parking lot, we usually park at National Library basement CP.


One thought on “逸群 Yet Con Chicken Rice

  1. You are right about the place wins over the food, somehow.

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