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Farewell Dinner with 老师 and Kelly

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Before we moved out, teacher and Kelly invited us to their house for farewell dinner, but we were too busy hence only managed to go over 2 weeks after we moved out.
They were from Northern China, dumpling was an important dish to be prepared during celebration and family gathering. In that evening, both of them made everything from stretch and we had a lot, really a lot of 锅贴 and 饺子, we even packed back the leftover.

We are truly blessed to have wonderful neighbours. For the past 5 years, we maintained good relationship with them. Can you believe all the women are SAHM like me, just that I’m the youngest among them. Frankly speaking, if I could, I would love to keep this EM.

My wonderful neighbours :
332 – Found my house keys and letter box key hanging on letter box. They locked my letter box and handed the keys back to me.

334 – They lent us hand trolley when we moved in, invited us to their house during Raya and invited us to his son’s wedding kenduri. They were always smiling when we met.

336 – The wonderful teacher and Kelly. Teacher always share parenting tips with me, started on the very first day I carried Asher home. They always remember Asher as the “mooncake baby”. We hardly knew each other during that time and I was always thankful, she even gave me a ginseng (to cook chicken essence) during my confinement.

338 – While I thought my clothes were kept by Neo family on rainy day, I later found out it was Mrs Lau who helped me.

342 – Neo family helped us to water the plants while we were away. We flew about 3-4 times yearly and the longest holiday for 3 weeks in the States, I seriously thought my plants would die. She also helped me to receive parcels when I was out too.

Goodbye our wonderful neighbours ! *waving*


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