She is a Blo-ga-a-ho-lic

Just a HDB budget Tai Tai who wants to live her life to the fullest

Paradise Dynasty @ Causeway Point

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Ben is 35. Age is no secret but these numbers are important to him. He always tell me he is running out of time as age is catching up but yet he has not achieve something in life. Well, it depends how you look at it. Sometimes I think we are almost there but why is he not satisfied? Perhaps he wants to give us, our son and parents a better life. I wish we do not “overdoing” it and forget that everyone has to go through some hard time in his life, including our son.

Anyway, I hope my dearie likes his low-key birthday celebration at his favourite restaurant. (This is the 5th celebration in our family since Sept. More to go till New Year)

Starter, sinful pork strips
Sizhuan Soup
Spicy Ramen with dumplings
Fried Rice
Fried pork buns
Xiao Long Bao
Fried red bean wanton
My forever-young hubby with my sister
A banana split at Marble Slab for sweet ending.
And my cute little bun was down with fever in that cold night. Arrgghhh !


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