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WON – Chinese Holiday Camp by KidStartNow

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Hooray !!

Lucky me! I won the Chinese Holiday Camp by KidStartNow worth $260 !!!! To be honest, I wanted to sign up when I knew about this camp from my friend’s blog. ( Miracule ) The fee is rather reasonable after discount but my 4yo was asking to go for art class, guitar class, violin class, piano class, golf course. (For music, he said must learn guitar first, then violin and lastly, piano. I don’t know why) How I wish I can win some extra cash to send him for classes as requested. Hence, I held back from signing up and crossed my fingers. Then, now (at 5am) I woke up to a piece of good news!

Yeshhh! We are so going to the Chinese Camp, his first camp ever! Thank you Miracule, thank you KidStartNow


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