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Skip Counting by 3 !

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Asher started skip counting by 2 when he was about 3y4mo. I don’t know why we didn’t continue learning skip counting by 3, but I remember I was under a lot of pressure, someone said he was disruptive as he knew more than his peers and (possibly) bored in class, that probably stop us from doing more during our home learning session at home.

Now at 4, his learning pace is fast. I didn’t compare but I guess he is fast learner as it doesn’t take him long to understand “even & odd” number, “greater & lesser” numbers. (I have hard time teaching Brycen) Frankly, I don’t remember I teach him or explain much, he is able to grab the concept and digest it.

So, how did he learn Skip counting by 3? If you really want to know, he learned it from youtube, watched the same video for 3 times. Yes, 3 times. The first time was 2 weeks back, then he watched it twice yesterday. Today, I took my phone and he asked me to “video him”.


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