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He is Asthmatic?

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Last week, my brave boy went into the room on his own for his 1st X-ray. 3 days later, I collected the report and left it with Dr. Teo’s nurse as he was overseas. Hours later, I received a call from the nurse that Doc advised me to bring Asher to CE if he develops fever. Frankly, the word “bronchitis” was in my mind, he didn’t reveal it because no result should be informed via phone call for confidential purpose. Moreover, it was the nurse that passed the messages across.
Yesterday, we visited Dr. Teo and new inhaler was given. Obviously,
X-ray result was not that good but No TB ( thank god! ). Film shown lots of phlegm in his lungs, it’s productive cough since day 1.

Dr. Teo is advising me to get a referral letter from polyclinic and visit KKH for long term follow up. He didn’t mention about the cost but I guess the fee is not low. In my mind, I know it is the “asthma clinic” I have to bring him to. He also gave me the “no long holiday” look, okay, we must make sure he is all well before we travel. Should I be glad that daddy is not going to attend this year AU in Canada? Ya, I feel less sore now.


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