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School’s Out 1- Fun @ Home

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A few 10 minutes for myself to rest, I’ll let the kids play anything they want and let their imaginary run wild. And yes, lots of pretend play at home too.
They built a truck with 6 wheels, did you get it right?
What a gem to me, when I saw it at $4, I bought it without hesitation.
They enjoy it so much, good for gross motor skill. You can get it at any of your neighborhood toy shops.
Pool Time ! The kids love water activities and love to soak in the pool, how can we miss this.
Asher is extremely happy when he has playmates in the pool. Most of the time, I leave him with his board when he goes in, I don’t really like to wet myself.
Counting fish? No more counting for my easily-get-bored 4yo who loves challenging activities. This is daddy’s snack, he walks over and starts snacking. I am so glad that he snacks ! Now these fish crackers are his counting tools to set addition questions for us ! 1 plus 8 equals to ?
The lazy mother uses workbooks most of the time when comes to “formal learning”. This is one of it and I find it quiet good. He spotted the mistake and corrected it, did you see that?


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