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School’s Out 2 – A Spellbinding Christmas by The River

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We spent more than $100 at The Central, we signed up to be member, got a free train ride at Central Express for Asher and stepped into the life-sized snow globe. Asher was so tired after visiting The Central, guess he had lots of fun there. If you happen to go there and intend to spend on gifts (lots of gifts shop), redeem free ride for your kid. 🙂

Posing with Christmas tree, Asher loves Christmas trees and ornaments. He keep telling me he can’t wait for Christmas to come.
Meet the Santa ! Our local Santa is so cute.
My Cheeky Boy couldn’t wait to go into the snow globe.
Life-sized snow globe ! A bit lame, no one is allowed to “play with the snow”, it was just a 10 seconds experience. Now, Asher keep telling me he wants real snow, looks like we MUST go Snow City!
Hop on to Central Express! $5 per ride if you don’t want to spend $80 to redeem.
Christmas Festive Market along the river. Asher was too tired to walk.
We are starting to like this place too, there are so many shops and many restaurants, we will come back frequently for sure. Did I forget to mention we get free car park too? 😀


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