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School’s Out 3 – More Fun Time

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Staying at home all time will makes him me go mad. I guess not only me, popo will go mad too. LOL. It doesn’t help especially the house is so small, packed with all our existing items from the old house. The area is too small for these 2 boys, they can’t ride bicycle (oh yes, Asher could do that in my living room), I am trying to stop them from entering the room and mess up everything (the blanket and pillows will be in wardrobe, I know it so well that I don’t need to find them), the laptop will be on and list goes on…
Look where I brought them to? It is the Wet Area playground in the mall. This is a IN thing nowadays, many malls have this facility for the children to have fun.  Asher used to be afraid of water spray, he loves showering and swimming but not in wet area but now, he starts to enjoy and more willing to wet himself. Brycen is one who takes longer time to warm up, he will stand nearer and nearer and eventually, run around like Asher.
See, I told ya.
School Holiday means Lots Of Ice Cream ! We used to do that in June holiday, just before we leave the mall, he will get his ice cream and today, he says he wants to eat it with Brycen.
Balancing Game. After we have our ice cream at Macdonald’s, instead of throwing the spoon away, I keep it.  Back home, I used it to play balancing game with the kids. Okay, lots of laughter and noise as they keep dropping the ball from the spoon but they enjoy the game.
He still loves mazes a lot, not only solving them, he is attempting to create maze like his daddy, complete with monster with red eyes, jelly fish, sharp ends pokey things (enemies), coins (rewards), stairs, narrow tunnel (obstacles).  Daddy says he will teach him how to code, let’s see if he is willing to learn from his dad, who is very popular among the interns from our Uni.


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