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School’s Out 4 – It’s SpongeBob SquarePants Christmas @ Changi Airport

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WOW! SpongeBob SquarePants and his buddies have landed in Singapore! We were at Terminal 3, Row 11 and found the biggest SpongeBob SquarePants Bouncy Playground in Singapore. I have no idea what was on my mind when I decided to bring him out on my own, I always wait till weekend when daddy is around to ferry us. Maybe because the direct bus to airport is just right in front of the door step? Maybe I just want to enjoy some time with Asher?


Anyway, every S$20/S$15 spent entitles to one (1) entry. Bottom line : TO BE MEMBERS OF CHANGI REWARDS. Each session lasts 10 minutes, yes, SO SHORT but think about it, if you are in the queue, you will not want to wait for hours to let your children enter. So, reminder to myself, go early, spend few tens dollars in a restaurant, get rewards points upon paying, bring the receipt & rewards card to the counter in front of the giant bouncy playground and BOOK a slot, maybe few slots. ( max. 5 slots) Then, do some window shopping. If you go on weekdays, you can enter almost immediately. 🙂

As Asher is only 107cm tall, he is not allowed to try the giant slide (spongeBob).  All children must be min. height of 80cm to enter the bouncy playground and no parents are allowed to accompany them.
There are staff in the bouncy playground to guide the children. It is like a ice rink, only 1 way in and out. Seats are available for parents to wait outside the playground.(Not bad huh)
Pineapple House Maze. The maze lover spotted this when my eyes were gluing at the giant SpongeBob ! A bit tricky but really fun.
As we did not spent a lot to get a few entries to the bouncy playground, we went to the world’s tallest and most interactive Pineapple House, located just right in front of Departure Gate.
Here we have a Giant Christmas tree – towering at 7m ! Asher loves the tree and the ornaments so much that he asked me to snap his picture with the gigantic tree.
SpongeBob’s bedroom with optical illusion effects! BIG ASHER !
small asher


We were at Santa Claus Village


He really made himself at home. LOL


He must be hoping he is tall enough to get a better view.

As usual, we stopped at Wangs Café for tea break before we went home. It was a fruitful and fun filled day for us. Asher dozed off in the bus, woke up later and told me he wanted to go back again.


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