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School’s Out 5 – We Visited Dentist

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The School Dentist Centre staff gave me an early appointment when I called them. How early? “Can you come tomorrow?”Asked the staff. YES, I GOT THE APPOINTMENT TO SEE THE DENTIST ON THE VERY NEXY DAY ! I didn’t have enough time to zoom out to the library to get him any book and this was be his first trip, I was a bit worried, then I recalled we read this book before – Maisy, Charley and the Wobbly Tooth. I tried my best to retell the story, hoping I could refresh his memory.
Upon arriving, we headed straight to School Dental Centre at Level 4, HPB. erm, actually we were 1 hour earlier so we walked to Everton to buy my favourite AGG from JiXiang.
Registration only started at 1:30pm, that was the time given to us. It took merely 10 minutes to register and we were called into the room within minutes. Asher was walking around, found this and I took the chance to explain to him what’s incisor and molar. There was also a play area near the counters.
Wondering how many dentists and assistants on duty? There were at least 40 cubicles! That explained why the waiting time was not too long. Lucky us, we were the 1st patient for the afternoon appointment.The clinic was so colourful with cartoons on the wall, it definitely helped to calm most children.
Oh, the the dental chair! It is very important to let the children know how this works, if you don’t, the children will be shocked once the dentist put down the back rest. Most of the children don’t feel secure to be in supine position.
The Mickey Mouse Stickers on the lights helped Asher to sit calmly throughout the procedure. I was so proud of him !
Oh, how I love his cute pearlie white teeth!!!
Just before we left HPB, Asher told me he came here before, but I didn’t remember I brought him here until he said he was here with his school teachers and friends. Oh ya, the school excursion to HPB early this year. I almost cried when he told me, for those who know me, I always tell them my Asher doesn’t tell me much about his school but now, he is sharing with me almost everything! He walked up the stairs, asked me to follow him closely and showed me the corner where they rested and had their bread during the excursion.
I didn’t notice these recycle bins until he said,” MAMA, look! This is for bottles, papers and cans.” I was surprised that he remembered whatever he was taught in school. Suddenly, I found my little boy is no longer little, he is going to be k1 soon. (that’s 5 years old!)
After visiting the dentist, I went to library and these are the 2 books I found useful:
My First Trio to the Dentist

let’s Meet a Dentist by Bridget Heos
If your preschooler are Singaporeans, I strongly encourage you to may seek basic dental treatment at School Dental Centre in Health Promotion Board. Remember to make a dental appointment before you go, you can either :
– Call : 6435 3782
– Fax : 6435 3775
– Email :

On the day of appointment,just need to bring these for registration and verification:
– Birth certificate (for Singaporeans)
– Passport/entry permit (for permanent residents and foreigners)

Some Useful information :
Operation Hours
8.00 am to 5.30 pm (Monday to Thursday)
8.00 am to 5.00 pm (Friday)
8.00 am to 12.30 pm (Saturday)

Level 4, Health Promotion Board
3 Second Hospital Avenue
Singapore 168937
Tel : 6435 3782
Fax : 6435 3775
Email :


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