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School’s Out 7 – Christmas Craft – Christmas Cards

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I didn’t have any ideas for Christmas Card making this year and thought of not making any until I walked into Daiso, until I saw these Pom Pom.
9 postcards for $2, a lot of ribbons for $2, 32 small Pom Pom for $2. See, Asher is making Christmas Cards !
This is the glue we used, available at all stationary stores.
I punched hole on the paper so that I can secure the ribbon on the paper by twisting the wire behind instead of sticking it on the paper. This way, receivers can choose to tie it on Christmas tree.:)
We made 9 of them and Asher wrote his name and year behind each postcards. I was so silly, I should have let him write his name before we pasted the Pom Pom. *please don’t laugh at his handwriting*


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