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School’s Out 9 – WON – HeArt Studio Holiday Art

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Oh yes, I won a free pass for Asher to HeArt Studio for their holiday art! Like the Chinese Holiday Camp, I wanted to sign up but I really find it a bit expensive to spend $75 for each session. I was so tempted to sign up early to enjoy some discounts but I got the feeling I would win it! True enough, I won a pass ! Really thank Winnie Toddly Mum for hosting the giveaway.
The day had finally come and we came to the studio by cab. The location is not difficult to find if I drive. Parents are encouraged to wait outside so for me, a big relieve of course, but! What am I suppose to do? I was roaming aimlessly, peeped at him on and off, snapping some photos privately. I could hear him talking non stop and asking non stop inside the room. FYI, there is nothing much around this area, you need to walk further to get to the nearest mall, Thomson Plaza. For me, I was afraid he might look for me.
Kids were instructed to draw lines and circle, follow instructions to colour, wash their brushes and I like it when Asher explains to me the reasons for washing the brush after use, that means he asks the teachers and teachers take their time to explain. But not all teachers/assistants like to handle difficult children like mine huh.
Kids say the darnest things nowadays and I almost bashed into the room when I heard him said,”Why are we waiting? She is so slow.” *slap forehead* he must learn to be tactful !
When he got more comfortable with thee environment and people, he started monkeying around. They must be relieved that he is not a regular.
Whoever saw his piece was impressed and couldn’t believe he did it. I’m not, to be honest, I’m not impressed at all after knowing the step by step and how to produce something like this. Lots of help from the adults and lots of correction. (I won’t explain in details here, if you want to know, pm me) my conclusion after his first art class experience is that I will not send him to any art class until he tells me he wants to LEARN painting and drawing BECAUSE children at this age group do not need to be taught how and what to draw on the canvas or paper, they should and they will do it freely, (which was why I chose Abstract and not the other like face painting) then you will be impressed that their imagination is limitless.


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